07 February 2010

How I Met Bill


Mama M is throwing a Valentine's Day Extravaganza over at her blog and I thought I we (Bill helped) would join in. 
The first topic is "Tell me how you met your love..and/or your bestfriend" day! 

So here goes!

I met Bill aka Morathi playing FFXI (Final Fantasy 11 online)
(Bill's words are bolded - mine are not)

Well we FIRST met in Gusgen Mines when you helped me get the Magicked Skull I needed and your stoneskin hurt when you cast it near me.. but you don't really remember that and generally take my word for that.  ~yeah I helped soooo many people with that, that it is hard to remember!~

Then one day we were in Bastok and we had talked from time to time and you wanted to emote a hug for me and I would run away, because I knew even then what it would lead to and it scared the begeesies out of me.  ~ I just thought you were being silly!~
So we talked and chatted and then started playing games/chatting outside FFXI and then you gave me your phone number and I still have the paper I wrote it on but it says Kasia ~ awww Kasia she was cute!  In my phone you are still listed as "<3 my Mo" haha I don't think you knew that until just now ~ with heart ~cute ^^~ on it lol (and it's not your # anymore too lol) ~it is true I do have a different number now I think I have had a few since then actually~ and I tried and tried to call you, but I was chicken and never could dial the whole number but I knew before I talked to you on the phone the first time I was supposed to take care of you and we were supposed to spend our lives together.
(Bill is so silly!  Ok I will admit it is cute but this is one of our 1st yahoo conversations - he has it on his computer still!)
k: ~boo!~
b: ahh! you scared me! 
k: ~lol~
k: ~mo~
k: ~you silly~
 k: ~/hugs~
b: /hugs! 
k: ~guess what~
b: what?
k: ~you <3 me!~
k: ~lol~
b: yes I do! I <3 you soooooooo much!
k: ~hehe~
k: ~see i knew it~
k: ~i <3 you too~

(that was one of the first times we chatted on yahoo and it was the first time I admitted to <3'ing you lol)

I don't think you felt the same way about me til a while after though.  ~LOL nope.~

~So that is how we "met."  However the 1st time we met for real was quite nerve racking.  I don't know why I had talked to him TONS before but it was. ~

~I had spent some of the summer of 2007 in Germany with my cousin Tia, it was a blast!  I was there for a month and a half.  Anyway on the way home (back to Utah)  I stopped in Georgia for a week to met Bill for real and spend some time with him.  Talk about I long plane ride, I mean it is long to begin with but to have meeting someone in person for the 1st time tacked on the end of it.  I really must have been crazy, in love or both (which it was both)~  Yeah we knew each other really well, but it was awkward the first couple days being together in person. We also tried to do waaaay too many things that week and were on the run constantly. I think I drove 2000 miles that week.  ~Hey! I am the one that drove across the fat part of Georgia!  We did do a lot that week it was great fun though.  We saw West Side Story (after you tried to kill us on the freeway)~ after I tried to kill us? :( it was scary, but it wasn't THAT bad ~at the Fox in Downtown Atlanta.  We went to Savannah and Tybee Island, and to Stone Mountain (which isn't a mountain, it is just a really big rock).~

~And that is it the story of how we met ^^ thanks for helping Bill~

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  1. Ohmigosh!! I love how you both wrote the story! how cute is that?!

    'K--I totally live under a rock, 'cuz I have no freakin' idea what the heck that game thing was you were talkin' about...but, it looks like fun!!

    So glad you shared your story...I seriously enjoyed reading it!

  2. Are there mountains in Geoegia

  3. Well the people back east THINK that they are mountains - but that is because they are confused.



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