06 April 2013


So at pixelscrapper this month they are having a paper a day challenge - you design a new paper each day.  I thought this would be fun but I also knew I wanted a color palette so I would know where to start.  Color palettes are super easy to make so I thought, "I know I will go though a bunch of my pictures and pick some to make my own palettes with!"  Then I began the process of looking through most of my pictures (which is fun on its own because I get to remember so many things as I do it).  This is the part where I started to go a little bit over board.... I picked 49 pictures before I stopped myself.  I love to look at color palettes with pictures online but I love these ones even more because I took the pictures!  I used a photoshop action that I found here to make it go a little quicker.  Here they are:

a mandarin duck at willow park zoo in logan utah
flower girl basket at my cousin teague's wedding
frozen tulips at weber state university one spring
a truck at tinkertown usa - sandia crest new mexico - go there is it neat
tiled bench in the albuquerque biological park
a corsage at my best friend stacy's wedding
my bratface at the park 5 years ago
snapdragons at the manti utah temple
a bead spider my friend tina made me
a leaf near the railroad tracks
a leaf on the side of the mountain
radishes at the beaverton oregon farmers market
some kind of flower at the portland oregon temple
(do you know what kind of flower it is?)
a few handfuls of my pez collection
a big purple and pink flower
some pjs
a poppy in willard utah
the best peaches in the world come from UTAH not that other place people associate with peaches
a rock out cropping - box elder county utah
inuit nativity at temple square
deeeep purple morning glory in idaho falls idaho
john deeres at the great american steam up - antiques powerland brooks oregon
an old truck full of some junk that was once at my grandparents
a church in munich germany
roses - logan utah temple
someone's old ford at a car show
an elephants cloak - oregon zoo
bison art work - denver colorado
a giant coke bottle - world of coca-cola
discovery gateway children's museum salt lake city utah
columbine willard utah
columbine coors field denver colorado
a giant coke bottle - world of coca-cola
a giant coke bottle - world of coca-cola
a giant coke bottle - world of coca-cola
chinese lantern plant - beaverton oregon farmer's market
bloomington peak idaho
blueberries beaverton farmer's market
cacti old town albuquerque new mexico
neuschwanstein castle germany
a bumble bee in idaho usa
red berries manti utah
brigham city tabernacle ceiling medallion
the bar hard rock cafe munich germany
fountain albuquerque new mexico temple
hanging decor at my cousins steve and alyx's wedding
a blanket
a window at the birmigham alabama temple
a banner in old town albuquerque

I don't know if I helped myself or not though because now I have all these palettes that I like it will be hard to decide which one to work with.  Oh man....

If you want to use any of these you can find them here on pinterest.


  1. Those pictures are beautiful!

  2. hi Kaleena. I was about to suggest one of your palettes for Pixel Scrapper blog train, but I can´t right click them to copy :( I guess it´s because lightbox opition to show images... :(

  3. Lórien you can find them all on pinterest here http://pinterest.com/pezian1984/colors/



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