20 April 2013

mymemories software review and giveaway!

So as most of you who read my blog now know, I really like digital scrapbooking.  It's mess and hassle free - I think that is wonderful!  Many people I know in the digital scrapbooking community use photo shop to make their scrappbook pages, this is great for people who a. know how to use photo shop or b. want to take the crazy amount of time that would be needed to teach themselves how to use photo shop.  This is why I use some really great and fairly user friendly digital scrapbooking software to make my pages.  When I first got the my memories suite it was version 2 - now version 4 is out.  Each new version just adds to this already great software.

There are several features about the my memories suite that I just love.  The first is that when you download digital scrapbooking kits from www.mymemories.com you are given 3 options on how to download it.  There are the my memories suite installation files (these install your digital scrapbooking kits directly into your my memories scrapbooking software - making the program super easy to use - these are available for Windows AND for Macs) you can also download the General file (this allows you to use whatever software you would like - I download the general file even though I use my memories suite because I like being able to browse my papers and elements on my other monitor before I choose which one to use ^^).
see 3 options ^^

I really like to use word art for titles on my pages, but there isn't always one that I can find premade that says just what I want it to say.  In the my memories suite there is an awesome word art designer, that I use A LOT.  

See how many options you have to make word art - fill, stroke, shadow, bevel, shape & 3D.  There are limitless possibilities here!  I made the titles in the following pages using word art that I created with the my memories suite word art designer.

Like I said limitless and with full customization.

I am not going to lie.  When the digital scrapbooking software first arrived at my house, I was a bit overwhelmed (I think some of this came from having NEVER tried digital scrapbooking before and I was pretty hesitant about giving it a chance) and it took some playing around with the program to get comfortable using it.   Never fear though I had the right tools to help me learn how to use my new digital scrapbooking software.  

The first tool that helped me was the my memories suite version 2 (version 4 is out now!) user guide.  Which I printed out (I hate reading things like this on my computer screen) for easy reference.  

I can't even begin to tell you how much I used this binder at first.  It was a huge help in figuring out how to do many things in the my memories suite.  I haven't had the need for it often enough lately to justify printing the version 4 users guide.

The 2nd awesome tool is this wonderful youtube channel.  Which has excellent video tutorials for using the software.  This channel is easily found on www.mymemories.com - at the top right of the page there is a link that says "tutorials."

See it there in the green bar - it really is that simple to find.

There are 2 other things that really helped me learn to use this digital scrapbooking software.  The first one was just jumping right in and trying it out (with the help of the user guide and the videos of course!).  The 2nd was participating in what they call "speed scrap" on the my memories facebook page.  (A speed scrap is where you are given instructions on how to make a page - the number of photos, background papers, embellishments and etc - these instructions tend to be on the more general side like "pick two background papers and angle one on top of the other" - so they can be interpreted many ways.  I made the "anything but ordinary" and the "Sasha" pages during speed scraps.  These are good for me because they encourage me to do things I don't generally do when making pages or that I had never even thought of - which in turn helps me learn A LOT!

There has only been one thing that has really irritated me about the my memories digital scrapbooking software, the torn edge option.  In my software it looks like this:

See how that happy birthday paper is torn.  Cute, right?  I love it.  However when I save it this is how it looks:

See the difference?  Not nearly as cute and NOT the same.  Which bothers me to the point that I have been debating just deleting it off my page.  Hmmmm.  Decisions, decisions.

Over all I am extremely happy with the my memories suite and how I am able to create such wonderful pages whenever I feel like it.

MyMemories v4 was just recently awarded a 2013 Gold Award by TopTen Reviews.  Which is pretty neat.

To celebrate getting this award I am giving away a copy of my memories suite v4 right here on my blog!  All you have to do so go to www.mymemories.com and find a kit that you absolutely love then come back to this blog post and leave a comment with the name of the kit, what you would use it for AND most important your contact information.   I will use the random number generator at random.org to choose a winner from the comments on Wednesday May 1st (this gives you about a week and a half) - be sure to tell your friends.

Want more than one entry into this giveway?  Follow my memories on their blog, facebook and/or twitter and leave another comment on this post for each thing you do ("I liked mymemories on facebook," or "I am not a follower of their blog." - you get it you are smart).

Finally if you are just too excited and cannot wait to see if you win the giveaway on May 1st then copy and paste this code in your cart at www.mymemories.com to save $10 on memories suite v4! STMMMS28577


  1. The kit I like is, School Rules by it's so scrappy. I would use this kit because my life is School, teaching, going to, and supporting the dd's school. I would use the soft ware to design my classroom and web page next year, not to mention getting photos out of folders and off of memory cards!

  2. I like the "kissed by you" by Armina Designs. It would help me put together an engagement page.

  3. I like the Jelly Belly & the Spring Colors, you could do a lot of stuff with either of those!!!!

  4. I have liked them on FB as this is how I want to scrap book from now on!!!!

  5. colors of spring is so cute! i would use it (or at least plan to use it) for scrapbook layouts. my contact info, peggyapl(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. I love the Day Dreamer kit. So whimsical



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