20 November 2013

2013 Ornament Exchange - the ornaments

Names were drawn on November 5 and ornaments are to be mailed by November 26th but they are already reaching their destinations.  This years ornament exchange had a record breaking 104 people sign up!  The ornaments so far this year are even more awesome than they were last year - I didn't think that was possible.  Here are the ornaments that have been received so far this year:

Be sure to check this blog post again as I will add more photos as they are posted in the ornament exchange facebook group or are sent to me.  If you missed out on this years ornament exchange don't worry there will be one in 2014 too!  You are welcome to request to join our facebook group still if you want - but don't be alarmed if you are not approved for membership right away, I won't be added new members until after the 2013 Christmas Ornament Exchange wraps up.


  1. OH wow this is so fun... You have received some fabulous ornaments.

    1. It is really fun, Celeste. Not all the ornaments get sent to me though. Everyone gets one person to send an ornament to. I do have to say though that seeing all of them makes it really hard to resist putting up my Christmas tree!



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