04 December 2013

simple ice skate ornament tutorial

For the record I have never written a tutorial before.  Kuddos to those that do it often as taking pictures while you work on a project is hard!  These ornaments are very simple, very cute and cost very little to make but they can be quite time consuming.  (Just thought you would like a warning ^^)

First you will need to gather/purchase your supplies.  You will need the following:  a good pair of scissors, a sharpie (or other writing instrument to trace your pattern on the felt), a small piece of cardboard (to make your pattern), tissues, paper clips, small white pom poms, sewing needles (small embroider needles and larger yarn needles), pins, white string, felt sheets (each sheet of felt will make 4 ornaments) with coordinating embroidery floss and a great Christmas movie or a friend to chat with (not required but makes things more fun ^^)

After you have gathered your supplies you need to make a pattern.  I googled images of ice skate clip art then drew a shape that I liked.  When you draw your pattern draw it so that the bottom of the skate is the length of your paper clips.  After drawing a shape that you like cut your pattern out - if you have drawn this on a sheet of paper then trace it to a small piece of card board and cut that out (this way your pattern will last a bit longer).

Next you are going to cut the felt sheets into 4 pieces - in half one way and then in half the other way.  Then take one of those pieces fold it in half and pin it.

Now take your pattern and trace it two times - with the bottom of the skate on the fold.

After you have traced your skates cut them out.

Next unpin your skates.  Unfold the skate and turn it over.  Slide a paper clip to the middle and fold it back up - be sure that your marks are on the inside during this step - you can repin it if you want to but I don't.

Now do a blanket stitch around your ice skate, leaving the top open.  Doing a blanket stitch along the bottom where the paper clip is can be tricky the first time, but by the time you get to sewing around the second skate you will be pro ^^.  If you don't know how to do a blanket stitch there is a great tutorial here.

After doing a blanket stitch around your skate you will want to add a little stuffing - because these are ornaments and the stuffing is strictly for looks and not for cuddliness I simply cut a tissue in half then used a crochet hook to stuff one half into each skate.

Next you are going to need the white string and and a pom pom.  Thread your needle and tie a knot at one end.  Slide a pom pom down to the knot, pull tight and then cut of the little piece that sticks out after the knot.  Now you will sew your pom pom to the ice skate and sew little x's for the laces.

Next take a piece of your string thread it through the skate near the top and tie a bow - be sure to double knot it so it doesn't come undone easily.

Now cut a length of ribbon and tie it in a loop.  Thread the ribbon into a yarn needle then string it through near the top on the from the inside of one skate and through the outside of the other (only go through one side of each skate) and tie a second knot so that the skates can't come off.

Finally admire your handiwork and smile.

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